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20 Jun

Join AEA!Projects for SY 2009-2010

VIA |1st Semester

VIA is a weeklong event to be held together with Mall of AEA on the third week of August 2008. It aims to raise funds for the organization and hone the entrepreneurial skills of AEA members. Instead of following the tradition where AEA members work in harmony to raise funds, this year VIA will have major changes. The first two days of the week will be allotted for student volunteers in selling flowers, cards and chocolates. On the other hand, the next three days will be allotted for participants willing to join the contest. The game is simple. Three teams will be chosen to participate. This year’s VIA will be a battle of economic principles and marketing strategies. Thus, each team must come up with their own strategies/gimmicks /promos for the goods to be sold. The team with the highest profit wins and will receive certificates & a cash prize. Tentative theme for this year’s VIA is Awesome Threesome.

Oikonomos | Quarterly

For the coming Academic Year 2009-2010, Okionomos will be a a newsletter released every quarter. Discussion of current economic issues will dominate the content of the magazine but members will also be updated on AEA’s activities. We will try to lure everyone to read Oikonomos by changing the mood of the layout from serious reading to something fun but at the same time informative. Oikonomos will serve as ground where students and faculty can discuss current economic issues. This magazine will try to give light on events to prevent people form being misled by erroneous information.


UBE is no longer a week-long event. Starting this academic year, around 7-10 UBE’s will be held throughout the year. UBE designed as a supplement to the GA in terms of bonding the members and getting to know each other through fun activities that are designed for the members to enjoy. Planned UBE activities include TambAEAn, SAEAssions, Dept. Talks, Magic Sing Competitions, mUBE Day, etc.

1st GA | 1st Semester

The 1st General Assembly will be the first meeting of all the members of AEA both old and new. The event will give opportunity for the members to know the new ExeCom of AEA, know the upcoming projects for the 1st semester and finally, volunteer for projects.

2nd GA | 1st Semester

The 2nd General Assembly will be held at the end of the 1st semester. The event will give members an opportunity to be updated on what has happened for the past semester. Furthermore, this will be the time to celebrate and champion the accomplishments of AEA for the past semester.

3rd GA | 2nd Semester

The Ateneo Economics Association 3rd General Assembly will serve two basic objectives: one, the reinforcement of previously instilled values, principles and visions presented earlier in the year during the 1st General Assmebly, and secondly, as a year-ender Christmas party for all AEAns.


KamalAEAn creates a venue for people to express their opinions about current issues in the Philippines. Through a series of talks, this project aims to raise social and economic awareness to everyone in the Ateneo community. KamalAEAn tries to steer away from the usual type of seminar, as it gives more time for the audience to interact with the speakers.

Culmination Night | 2nd Semester

The Culmination Night will serve three purposes: (a) Induction of incoming Executive Committee of AEA, (b) Awarding of Best Thesis, and (c) a Benefit Dinner for Alumni. Current students, alumni, and professors will gather over dinner to celebrate the achievements of AEA and the Economics Department for the past school year. Furthermore, it shall also be an income-generating activity for AEA.

YES | 2nd Semester

Ateneo Youth Economics Summit is a conference for third fourth year high school students all over Metro Manila. The conference will consist of talks, group dynamics, a quiz bee, and an extemporaneous speech competition provided by the Economics Department and Ateneo Economics Association. This event shall serve as a venue where tomorrow’s economists are pitted against one another in healthy competition, and as a means of encouragement for the youth to take up Economics and be aware of its relevance and application.

Ec102 Quizbee | 1st Semester

The Ec102 Quizbee aims primarily to test the knowledge of interested undergraduate students of Ateneo de Manila University who are taking ECO 102 at the time of project implementation using application questions of practical economic theories and concepts learned in class.

EcoTours | 2nd Semester

EcoTours is an observation tour of the BSP and the ADB conducted for all Ateneo Eco102, Macroeconomics, and Money and Banking students who are interested in the workings and technicalities of the country’s premier bank—the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; and the development efforts against poverty of the Asian Development Bank which is based here in our country. Moreover, it provides a first-hand experience that would allow the students to explore the comings and goings of the BSP and ADB.

AEA Tutorials

The AEA Tutorials hopes to instruct interested AEA members and Ateneans who find certain Economic subjects, theories and concepts difficult. The project is exclusively oriented towards EC102, EC111, EC116, EC112, EC117 and EC115. Other economic subjects can be granted tutorials upon request.

tAEAms | 2nd Semester

tAEAms or Trainings for AEA members is a daylong activity wherein members who are interested in running for a position Execom could harness their potenial as student leaders and to be able to grasp more knowledge on what being part of the AEA Execom is all about.


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