Assessing Aquinomics: The PITIK Test

12 Oct

Dr. Cielito Habito, former NEDA Chairman and currently part of the Ateneo Economics Department, evaluates the first 100 days of the present administration in his Philippine Daily Inquirer column using his PITIK test, further explained here:

“I have maintained that assessing the state of the economy is best done with what I’d also call a “PITIK” test of a different kind. Here, I refer to the three key economic yardsticks that the common citizen can relate with: Presyo, Trabaho and Kita (PTK)—or prices, jobs and income. Respected opinion polls consistently assert these to be the three top concerns people have on the economy, usually in that order. As President Aquino completed his first 100 days in office last week, many have asked: How has the economy fared under his leadership? Are people feeling better off? Is there improved confidence in the future outlook for the Philippine economy? Well, let’s do the PITIK test.”

How did President Aquino fare then? Read more about it here.

Coming soon: AEA’s statements on the country’s current issues, and more. Probably after finals week. Good luck everyone :-)


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