Avid AEAn: At the the La Salle U (Part 2)

22 Nov

(Oh yeah, about that lack of greens part. To even make things less green, what was once their football field is now being converted to the site where a building for their newly-established Law School will be erec… rise.)

Back to the tour. We first went to the La Salle building, maybe the oldest one there. It housed their Economics Department, among other administrative buildings. It also housed this mini-exhibit about La Salle history since they’re gonna celebrate their centenary next year. The exhibit included SIKAT (or was it SINAG?) , a solar car they helped build. Included in that building is the chapel, which apparently had historical significance since a lot of La Sallian brothers were massacred there during the Japanese occupation. Our friends at EconOrg even said that the faint brown stains on the floor were the exact spots where the brothers were killed, and no amount of floor cleaner can get rid of the mess. I knew it, this trade-off should have happened at night.

Then we went to the Yuchengco Hall, the biggest (and most picturesque) building there. We didn’t tour that much there, but I remember volunteering to take a group picture of my companions. Kaso wala sa bundok yung cellphone na ginamit, so I managed to press capture when they already began to leave their poses. Fail.

Then we’re off to SJ Walk, which is sort of their version of SEC walk. SJ for them meant St. Joseph (or St. John? Pardon the lapse of memory, I was busy looking for Carmina Topacio there)…

(oh there she is…)

…while for us Ateneans, it meant… uh… ano ulit? (haaaay Carmina… *blush*) The wider segment of the walk was for promotion of org events, where each org has its own kiosk. Among the events promoted (and shirts sold, among others) our friends at EconOrg have an upcoming party happening two days after the trade-off. I was surprised that profs give incentive points to those going to certain org events, INCLUDING THE PARTIES. I don’t know if it’s just me or I found that weird, especially when I tried to imagine if that happened to the Arrneow. (Try to) imagine Fr. Dacanay (or Maam Ibarra) giving incentive points to those who will go to Shindig.

Now that you’re sabaw at the thought, we went to a variety of buildings, including the engineering hall (where it’s mostly guys) and the neighboring liberal arts hall (where it’s mostly girls) and the “friendship” bridge where they… uh… meet.

Then we’re off to the library. It was a pretty big library, with four floors worth of books, memorabilia and artefacts. In their Filipiniana section, you don’t need to ask the staff to get the books for you, but you still can’t get the books out there. Their book selection is adequate, but I still find ours more plentiful. But I gotta concede that they still have the better information commons room. Located at the lib’s ground floor, the place is just hip and colorful, and they have Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop inside. Yes, a coffee shop, inside a computer room. No wonder the place is crowded.

In between walks, we found La Salle people to be amiable and articulate. And they conducted the tour pretty well, good enough to keep me interested and not wander off doing what I originally intended to do there…

(Ghost-hunting kasi yung gagawin ko. Ano ba’ng iniisip nyo? But I know a few who… uh… mate make… met some pretty friends there. Di ba *******? *wink wink*)

There was a second sit-in class after the tour. But for some reason I spaced out and can’t remember anything at that moment (or I’ll just say that para di ma reveal kung sino ako). But I heard from friends that the second sit-in was better than the first, which was already good enough. In that case, kudos to La Salle for having some competent, young teachers.

And thanks to DLSU EconOrg for being a gracious host and being part of this fun Trade-Off. I can’t really speak for the 16 or so people who went with me there, but I think we had fun in our sojourn to the green side.

And they said “See you tomorrow.” Wait, what? Oh, I remember, they’re gonna visit Ateneo naman the next day.

(Up next: it’s our DLSU EconOrg friends’ turn to visit Katipunan. Would they have a good time on the school on the hill? Are we greener than them? Ma-higad kaya sila? Susunod! Eksplosibo! Abangan! LOL)


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