Avid AEAn: the the La Salle U’s turn to visit the Arrneow

30 Nov

Pardon me if this entry would be shorter than the previous ones. Unfortunately, the time allotted for their tour around campus coincided with my DotA time Defense from the Dark Arts class, so I only got to meet them during lunch time. At swerte nila ha, they get free lunch from AEA, while KKB mode kami kahapon sa La Salle canteen.

(Backgrounder: The day before, November 11, we were at their campus as part of TradeOff: the Ateneo-LaSalle exchange-student-for-a-day thing with a weirdly cute eagle-on-an-archer-costume promo poster. Their tour in the Ateneo was scheduled on a Friday.)

Over lunch, I got to talk to some juniors and seniors. I then asked how their class was. They were like “OK” and nothing much. I remembered asking about what their subject was; then knowing that they got to sit in International Finance class, I asked them if they found the prof handsome. One of them said “Siguro kung kapanahunan niya oo.” (Karen, I know… mag-hunos dili ka.)

To be honest, I found a few of them to be quite chatty and blunt, and I found myself a bit uneasy for some reason. But most of them are actually kinda reserved but still fun to talk with. And some of them are kinda cute. (Oops. But really. I know Mr. S**** will agree with me.)

After lunch, I went on to usher the freshie-sophomore contingent, including this cute Chinita girl in a red sleeveless shirt (napaghahalata, tsk tsk tsk) to their next class. It was a Mathematical Economics class, taught by the renowned and highly-esteemed Prof. Lanzona. After we got seated at the back, I then proceeded to go through my Philo readings while being there. (Sit-in lang naman ako eh. Promise, yun lang talaga yung reason. Tsaka may quiz doon bukas.) Ten minutes into the lecture, I looked around and they were kinda… lost. Maybe it’s just that they haven’t taken up the course yet or maybe it’s ora de peligro, but I swear I should’ve lent my Philo readings to the cute Chinita girl (or anything to keep her up, as if pampawala ng antok ang readings). After the hour-long lecture, I found myself telling them “I know, I know.” (No bad intentions there, we’re just too stunned astounded by his teaching prowess)

And then we’re off to their last sit-in, off to Bellarmine Hall. And as a good Ateneo tour guide, along the way I told them about Xavier Hall, RMT, Bell Field and Camp Big Falcon Church of the Gesu, before going to the classroom for Maam Domdom’s Microeconomics class.

(Binulungan ko na si maam beforehand na “maging mabait.” Coz I know she’s kinda… mapagbiro to La Sallians)

And so she did. She began the class with showing one of those music-videos-of-songs-reworded-with-economic-concepts, then explaining that by the end of the sem, groups in that class ought to produce one by the end of the sem. I kinda noticed na hindi masyadong benta sa La Salle sit-ins yung mga jokes ni Maam Domdom na bentang-benta naman sa amin. And oh, she asked in class about what material possession they want disregarding limited resources, and when she called one sit-in, he said that he’d want a school. Well, I’m not sure what he meant, or why there was some awkward silence after that, but kebs lang. And of course Maam Domdom ended the class with this vid:

“I know, I know.”

After that, we went to MVP. As we set up the group photo (na sa stairs pala gagawin, kala ko sa room din na yun), of course here comes everybody’s favourite part: the evals. The La Sallians were kinda surprised with this evals thing, but of course they answered it, if only to while away time before farewell messages and photoshoot. (And of course they did evals over snacks such as Piknik, Piknik, Marty’s and more Piknik.) About the photoshoot, of course we blocked off an entire flight of stairs for this, malakas kami eh. We even changed venue to another flight of stairs, kasi against the light. The photoshoot went well. The guests were in a good mood, the AEA and DLSU EconOrg fling was a success, and they apparently liked our facilities. (I didn’t dare to ask about Math Econ though.) Everybody enjoyed. Well, partly except me, coz I still wanna know the name of that cute-Chinita-girl-in-a-sleeveless-red-shirt. TNE.

(Hanapin si Chinita girl dito. First to point her down gets free Piknik. And her number. LOLJK. Hit the comments guys)

Thanks, LaSallian friends :D

Sana may malandi naman ako sa UBE. Balita ko kinky yung event eh.

(Up Next: May nakita akong halos naghalikan! Guy to guy! [Uy di ako nag-enjoy ha, eto talaga…] At sa AEA event pa man din! Anuvaitech Kalurkey! Di rin ako mahilig sa exclamation point ‘no!!!)



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