Programming Note: We’re Back!

14 Mar

Apologies for the quarter-long hiatus (and for the bad pun as well). We can think of different reasons: being eaten by Tumbeasts, acads, Singapore JTA, Facebook, finding horcruxes, dying from listening to “Friday“…


Anyway, so yeah, Avid AEAn missed out on telling us his exploits in gatecrashing AEA events like KamalAEAn 2 (awesome informal debate format BTW, kudos  to Hannah), SingKwenta, Ateneo YES+, Seniors’ Send Off, etc. He’ll be back with these stories.

And of course, congratulations to the new EXECOM 2011-2012!!! We’ll be posting more about them in the coming summer vacation. Get to know juicy stuff about them. Bistuhan time :D

But wait, there’s more! We’re still going to provide you with informative articles on economic concerns here and abroad. Because we’re relevant like that.

So to our three readers, just enjoy the show in the coming days. And oh, be prepared in case of zombie attacks in the Ateneo. Again…


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